For most of us living in London those statues are just part of the general landscape … We hardly notice them on our way to work; many people walk by without even noticing them.’ (Ilpo Musto, The Art of London, 2010).
Public statues that seem to be travelling in the future and are suddenly in the middle of audiences which do not seem to know them too well or audiences which appear to have travelled back in time to consider the preserved city; or me, travelling in both directions, coming from an eastern european culture for studying and learning from a much-earlier economic developed society, questioning Guy Debord’s ‘consumption of modern economical survival’ (Society of the Spectacle, 1984).
Further considered reflections, H.G. Wells 1895,The Time Machine.

Emil Otto Hoppe_o

Emil Otto Hoppe photographs, in Forty London Statues and Public Monuments ed. Tancredd Borenius (1926). London: Methuen & Co Ltd

Public Statues Photographs, London 2014

6 x 7 medium format colour photographs, Portfolio size 13 x 19 inches, Edition of 2 each. This project hasn’t been published, ideally this work would be printed as large size photographs in tandem with the artist’s book and the 1926 photographs © 2014.

-70 Badicea Plate XX_o

Boadicea, Westminster Bridge

56 Charles II Plate III_o

Charles II, Chelsea Royal Hospital

96 George Washington Plate XXXVI_o

George Washington, Trafalgar Square

29 Edward VI Plate VII_o

Edward VI, St. Thomas Hospital

42 Charles I Plate I_o

Charles I, Trafalgar Square

16 James II Plate IV_o

James II, Trafalgar Square

76 Peter Pan Plate XXIX_o

William III, St. James Square

Richard Ceur de Lion Plate XIX_o

Richard Ceur de Lion, Old Palace Yard

93 Oliver Cromwel Plate XXV_o

Oliver Cromwell, Outside Westminster Hall

64 Abraham Lincoln Plate XXXV_o

Abraham Lincoln, Parliament Square

23 William III Plate XI_o

William III, St. James Square

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• Musto,I. (2010), The art of London : monuments and wall reliefs, London : A. & C. Black.


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